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Tolmao manages Clestra’s Chinese Social Media and presented the planning and production of the launch of Clestra Hauserman’s newest product: IRYS. Clestra, like many other companies, faced the difficulty of enter the Chinese Market, but we assisted 



Clestra Hauserman designs, builds, and installs prefabricated removable office fixtures to transform office spaces into the perfect working environment for clients and the environment itself. The company is positioned in a global approach to respect the environment and contributes to the achievement of internationally recognized certifications (LEED, HQE, BREEAM) for many buildings.


Our Task

 Tolmao Group manages Clestra Social Media and its presence on Chinese channels with a special focus on Weibo, WeChat and content creation. Considering we are a Chinese Marketing Agency that aim to combine offline and online marketing one of our most successful case is the launch of Clestra newest product, IRYS.


We targeted 150 attendees, the Clestra Hauserman product launch was a successful production presented by Tolmao Group, exceeding the target with over 200 event attendees. The campaign activation lasted for 2 weeks, with the digital E-flyer designed by Tolmao receiving over 350 views.  The evening was located at the Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design in Shanghai, renovated with customized decorations and banners. The launch of Clestra Hauserman‘s Red Dot Design Award winning product IRYS featured a live viewing experience of the new spaces. The evening was filled with networking, guest speakers, give-aways, light refreshments and wine. Tolmao Group prepared for the event providing Clestra Hauserman with catering, model bookings, music, photography, videography, digital E-flyers, and banner designs.

Skills Involved

  • Chinese Social Media Management
  • Event Planning:
  • Catering
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Model Bookings
  • Banner designs & Setup
  • Music
  • Event Promotion
  • Digital E-flyer
  • WeChat Content Creation


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