Fabbri 1905 Tolmao project

Tolmao Group assists and enhances Fabbri’s reach to the Chinese market with customized digital WeChat content and Social Media Management.



Fabbri 1905 is run by the fourth generation of the Fabbri family, leading a company of 250 employees that boast some 1,200 references, as well as 17 product lines and 23 packaging lines. A company that distributes products in 110 countries worldwide.


Our Task

Penetrating the Chinese market, despite the fact that the company enjoys a great globally reputation, it is by no means simple, considering that the most used social media in China, WeChat, is almost unheard in the rest of the world. That is why the support of a WeChat agency like Tolmao Group, is crucial to reaching potential Chinese consumers.

Fabbri 1905 partners with Tolmao Group to produce unique WeChat bilingual contents in order to establish brand recognition and imaging. Campaign activation leads to reach to the target audience and to establish brand recognition.

Moreover Tolmao Group is in charge to the official Weibo page of Fabbri 1905.


Skills Involved

  • WeChat Setup
  • WeChat Content
  • Online Marketing
  • Chinese Social Media Management


Launch Project

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