We are Tolmao Group.

Your Bridge to Chinese Consumers

Who we are?

We are a team of young driven professionals motivated to deliver creative solutions that utilize the latest technologies in a smooth design.


To build a quality brand, good content is an important factor. Let us create new, frequent and insightful content for you to elevate your brand and get your company recognized in the industry.


One of the best ways for companies to grow is by entering new markets. We help you develop a detailed market entry research strategy that "cover all the bases" and fit emerging markets.


Digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses, small, medium large. We work with you to create a digitalization strategy to deliver a good digital business experience to customers and stay ahead in competition in today's world.


A blend of both digital and more traditional offline marketing methods gives you the best of both worlds and increases your chances to get your marketing to work in sync. We help you to integrate your online & offline marketing efforts.

How we work?

1. Research, listen and understand the project and tasks ahead. Based on a good understanding of the current situation and the end goal, we create an unique strategy. A personal plan of approach for each project and each task so that we are able to offer tailor made solutions which can get the results needed.

2. Once we understand the problem, the obstacle the current situation and the end goal, we can translate milestones into actions. With milestones S.M.A.R.T. formulated we can measure the progress of the project, making sure deadlines and quality standards are achieved.

3. The digital world is constantly developing and a project is never finished. Even after delivery we offer several different services that can take care of the project once its initially completed. Our experience showed us that most clients would like to focus on their core strength and leave their marketing activities to us.